A week for giving thanks

Those of you who have read my blog for a while know I love helping people find technology products that meet their needs and their budget. This Friday is “Black Friday” here in America, meaning lots of normally sane people do relatively insane things like standing in lines for hours in freezing temperatures…to get awesome products at awesome prices.

That’s the idea at least. But before you go Black Friday shopping (or Cyber Monday shopping for that matter), check out this warning from The Wirecutter about Black Friday “deals”. Your purchases may not be the awesome steal you think they are.

If you need help finding the right purchase for you or a loved one, check out my TV buying guide and my computer recommendations.

And finally, let’s all remember that even without the biggest TV on the block or the newest phone in the office, we each have many things to be thankful for — and the greatest of these don’t run on electricity. So let’s linger on thanksgiving this week, and appreciate all the blessings we have around us this week and every day.


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